We have learned SO much about Australia, and about our own culture. We created a Photo Story to tell you some of the things we have learned. In some of the pictures, you'll see us standing in front of an Australian flag, waving an American flag, and holding the Venn Diagram that we made. We are also wearing a hat that Ms. D brought back from her time teaching in Victoria. We think it's like the ones that you wear!

Today, the Smarties wrote something they learned, something they liked, and something they found interesting about our Lunch Project. We made them into a VoiceThread.

Here is a Venn Diagram that we made comparing and contrasting our lunches. Ms. D showed us the Smarties' diagram after we made ours, so we got to even compare the two diagrams! We will be adding more to this page soon so stay tuned!

This has been such an interesting project. We have learned so much about other children and their school. There are many things that are the same about us, but there are also some differences that we never realised! It's such fun learning about other children in the world. Here are some of the things The Smarties learned: