‚ÄčLunch in Australia - Wednesday

Tia's Lunch

I have a yogurt. It is big. It is raspberry. I have a big Minees. It is pink and it is white as well. I have an orange. It is the biggest orange. I love it! I have a big sandwich. I have a big chewy muesli bar. I eat it.

Jack's Lunch

I have a big, black plum and a big, red apple and a sticky jam sandwich. It will be yummy.

Noah's Lunch

Today for recess, I have Cheerios and Grain Waves and for lunch I have got Vegemite sandwiches, carrots and an SPC fruit salad and cheese. I like the cup holders on my lunchbox.

Joshua's Lunch

I have a choc chip muesli bar and grapes and crackers. I have the new Vegemite on them.

Lunch in Kentucky

Emily's Lunch


Today my lunch was a hamburger with ketchup. I had blueberry punch and a straw to go with it. I also had carrots.

Sam's Lunch


Today I had a big slice of cheese pizza and blueberry bread with chocolate milk.

Jillian's lunch


I am eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that my mom made with some plain chips and an orange with a fruit roll up.

Amelia's Lunch


My drink is strawberry kiwi. My cheese and crackers are delicious and it comes with a red stick to put the cheese on the cracker. I got cheese and bread to make a sandwich. I also have gogurt and some cereal.