Lunch in Australia - Tuesday

Our lunchtime is from 12.30 until 1.10pm. It's Tuesday today, so we all need to bring in our food from home because the canteen is closed. When the bell goes at lunchtime, we go to the oval to eat. Some people sit on the verandahs in the shade and some people sit on the grass. When we have finished eating, the teachers say we can go and play. We put our lunchboxes back into our class tubs before we play. We all like to play on the playground, but sometimes we can't because all the grades have to take turns. The boys like to play cricket or football on the oval. The girls like to make up games to play.

Caitlin's Lunch

Today, I have some popcorn. I also have a chocolate cupcake and a packet of chocolate biscuits. I have a sandwich and it has meat in it.

Kyle's Lunch

Today for my lunch I have lasagne, Milo yogurt, an orange and a toasted sandwich. It has pineapple, chicken and cheese in it. There is also a tomato. The company that made my lunchbox named it Smash. It is black, yellow, white, grey and green. I have an icepack to keep my lunchbox cool.

Ella's Lunch

My lunch is in a pink Smash lunchbox. For recess, I have a banana and a Fruit Break Strawberry Twist bar. For lunch, i have a chicken and lettuce bread roll and a fudge cake.

Kelsi's Lunch

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For lunch today, I am having Mini Cheezels, Minees biscuits and a Vegemite sandwich. I also have an apricot, a muesli bar and a pink donut.

Kate's Lunch

For lunch today, I am having a sandwich. It has strawberry jam in it and I have a big chocolate muffin. I also have a K-Time bar and I have some watermelon and I have a plum. I have an icepack to keep my lunch cold.

Lunch in Kentucky

There are 10 long tables in our cafeteria- each table sits about 25 kids. You can see some in the background are folded up because lunchtime is nearly over. This picture was taken at the end of our lunchtime, at about 12:35, and there are just three classes left. We are the ones to the far left.


This is the line that we go through to get lunch, if we are buying it from school. The crates to the right of the picture are where we get milk (either white, chocolate, blueberry, or a fruit punch type drink) then we can pick from the rest of the food. We pay at the cash register- most of us have accounts so we tell the lunch lady our name and they deduct what we have spent.

Maddie's Lunch


For lunch today I had a pack of peanut butter crackers, a bag of Cheetos, some goldfish, four mini peanut butter cups and a water bottle. I ate it out of my Arctic Zone lunchbox. I also ate a sandwich and I had an ice pack to keep my sandwich cool.

Seth's Lunch

I bought my lunch from the cafeteria. I chose chicken nuggets, a roll, and chocolate milk. I ate three nuggets and all of my roll. I also have cookies that have President Obama's face on them!

Natalie's Lunch


I bought AND brought my lunch today! I bought cookies and chocolate milk. I brought a cookie, juice box and a sandwich. My lunchbox is leopard print and the cafeteria tray is red.