Lunch in Australia - Thursday

Allia's Lunch

I have a choc chip muffin and I have some grapes. For lunch, I have an LCM bar and a K-Time twist and a cheese sandwich.

Charlee's Lunch

For lunch today, I have some watermelon and a nectarine and my nectarine is ginormous! I also have an apple and I also have my lunch and my lunch is ham and butter in a sandwich.

Taj's Lunch

I have a juice box and a muesli bar and a banana. I also have a ham and cheese sandwich.

Isaac's Lunch

I have an apple for recess and Milk Arrowroot biscuits for lunch. I have a ham, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich for lunch.

Catherine's Lunch

Today for recess, I have Minees and Shapes. For lunch I have a Cheesybite sandwich.

Lunch in Kentucky
We are trying to get caught up! Snow days really got our schedule off track but we are getting back in the swing of things. We shouldn't be missing anymore days this week because it has warmed up quite a bit. Right now it is 46 F (8 C) but it is very rainy!
Here are some pictures of water fountains in our school that you asked about. Jillian is drinking out of the one in our classroom, attached to the sink. The other two are in the hall right down from our room.


Mason's Lunch

I bought my lunch today at school. I bought a quesadilla and some pineapples. I am drinking a blueberry drink.

McKenna's Lunch

Today for lunch I had a turkey sandwich and today I had special bread, it was crossant bread. I also had big Cheez-Its. For dessert I had Skittles, these were special Skittles because they had two flavors since there was an outside flavor and an inside flavor. I also had an M&M cookie. And last for my drink I had punch.

Abby's Lunch


I had fruit snacks, they tasted weird. Buttered crackers are really good, they are crackers with butter on them. The apples were good and juicy.

Audrey's Lunch

I had a corndog and some carrots, peanut butter and a juice box for lunch, and I was in the cafeteria and the corndog is a hotdog in a pancake. We eat in the cafeteria because it is warm in the cafeteria and we only get to eat in the classroom if it is a special day.