Lunch in Australia - Monday

​When we get to school in the morning, we need to put our lunchboxes into our class tubs, inside our classroom. On Mondays and Fridays, our school canteen is open and we can order lunch from there, instead of bringing it from home.
At recess, some of us have the job of taking the tubs out to the verandah near the oval, which is where we eat. It's nice to sit on the grass in the sun if it isn't too hot. If it's too hot, or raining, we sit on the benches on the verandahs. There are teachers walking around, looking after us while we eat and play. Here's what some of us had for lunch today. If you have any questions, let us know!

Kiara's Lunch

My lunchbox is a big one and I have a polony and salad sandwich. My mum made it. I have a peach for recess. I have a sausage that was left over from tea last night too. I have rice crackers and a jam roll cake.

Alex's Lunch

For recess, I have some Scooby Snacks and some yogurt that is from the shops. For lunch, I have ordered a sausage roll and an orange juice.

Meg's Lunch

My lunchbox is red and I've got a fruit cup and a Promite sandwich. My mum made it. I've got a juice box too. My mum bought it. I have a cooler brick to keep my lunch cold. I also have a spoon.

Jake's Lunch

I have a lunch order. I'm going to have two party pies and a spearmint milk. For recess, I'm going to have Tiny Teddies and a crunchy choc chip muesli bar. I have all that in my Smash lunchbox.

Lunch in Kentucky

These pictures were taken on Friday, February 12th. Friday is LUNCH BUNCH day in Ms. D's room! Throughout the week we earn raffle tickets, then on Friday we have a drawing and five of us get to participate in Lunch Bunch. We eat in the classroom with Ms. D and get to watch cartoons, usually Scooby Doo. The rest of the class eats in the cafeteria like normal. Some of us bring our lunch from home and others buy food from the cafeteria, then walk back down to the classroom. Our lunchtime is from 12:15-12:40pm.

Isaiah's Lunch


For lunch, I brought a fudge brownie, three Viena sausages, a fruit roll up, yogurt, and Doritos. I also brought a container of milk to drink.

Macey's Lunch


I bought lunch from the cafeteria. I had a chocolate milk, a hamburger with a bun, and vegetables like carrots, lima beans, green beans, and corn. I also had two or three pickles that went on the hamburger.

Chase's Lunch

I bought a rectangular pizza with bread attached to the pizza with cheese inside of the bread and I got baked Doritos and Blueberry Pie- that is a type of drink.

Hunter's Lunch

This day I had a Capri Sun as a drink. I also had a brownie with sprinkles on it as dessert. I had a sandwich as my main meal. Last but not least my mom had bought me some chips.

Heather's Lunch

I bought lunch from the cafeteria. What I had for lunch was a grilled cheese and a hamburger. I also had some ketchup to dip my grilled cheese in. I had pickles, ketchup and mustard on my hamburger. For drink I had chocolate milk! I had a straw to drink with and some napkins to wipe my hands with.