Lunch in Australia - Friday

In answer to a question you asked, here's a picture of some of the tables in our classroom. We have 3 like this.

Here's a verandah, where we eat when it's raining or too hot to be out in the sun.

Matthew's Lunch

For recess, I have some date slice and for lunch I have a hawaiin pizza and an orange juice.

Raquel's Lunch

Today for lunch, I have a chocolate chip muffin, a fruit pack, LCMs, an apple, a juice box and a cheese sandwich.

Joel's Lunch

I have a pizza from the canteen. It is a pineapple and ham pizza. I have a blueberry muffin.

Indi's Lunch

I have a chocolate muffin with yogurt icing and sprinkles, one red apple and some chopped peaches in juice. I have a twiggy stick and a cheese and tomato sauce sandwich.

Lunch in Kentucky



Here are two pictures of what our lunch line looks like! We pick a tray that has the main entree that we want, then we can choose fruit and/or vegetables and a dessert. Then we pay for our food, get utensils and any condiments that we want, then sit down at our table.

Charlie's Lunch


What I got for lunch today is chicken with a nice fluffy piece of bread. And I had some Blueberry Pi. It is a type of drink.

Matthew's Lunch

Hi, I am Matthew. What I had for lunch is chicken with mac and cheese and a bread roll, it was delicious.

Brevan's Lunch


I have three chicken fingers and I have macaroni and cheese and I have chocolate milk and green beans and that's all I had.

Trevor's Lunch


Today for lunch I had chicken tenders and ketchup to dip it in and I had a slice of a pear and I had a biscuit and to wash all of my food down, some chocolate milk. Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmm!

Haley's Lunch


What I had for lunch was two things of chicken and some bread. I also had some macaroni and cheese and chocolate milk and carrots. It is delicious!

Alainey's Lunch


I ate chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, bread and pears and milk.

Zion's Lunch

Lunch is my favorite part of the day! In this picture, you see that I had a corndog, ketchup, salad with ranch dressing, corm and chocolate milk.
(Ms. D is having computer issues so my picture is sideways!)